. . . to an experience that will take your breath away.  With a focus on areas that are causing you to feel unsettled, upset, pain, confusion, or an inability to calm within, real healing is only a heartbeat away. When all is right with the mind and body, the spirit will become uplifted and you will begin to actually attain health and wellness.


Nourishing Body, Mind and Spirit

Many pathways exist to relieve aches and pains but fail to address the burdens on our hearts and minds. Colleen and Joe Pascoe offer select therapies such as Lymph Drainage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Massage Therapy and many others dedicated to physical recovery, mental relaxation and feeling at peace with yourself and others. Give yourself the gift of wellness through professional touch.


. . . will ensue when we take the necessary steps to improve our health and wellness. Much of what has weighed us down can be released when we care for ourselves rather than ignore the warning signs that lead to further pain and discomfort. A Touch Above provides the serenity and relaxation needed in a safe environment to achieve results that have otherwise been unattainable.


Releasing Harmful Toxins

Each and every day we are exposed to chemicals and toxins that exist in our home and work environments. We also process emotional wounds on a physiological level.  All of these toxins present as unhealthy energy in the body.  A Touch Above offers treatments and modalities that will assist in cleansing the body physically and energetically.  This increase of positive energy can assist us to reach a natural state of balance and a level of internal wellness.


. . . awaits when you place your health in our hands. We sincerely hope that you experience a higher level of awareness and become attuned to the needs of your body.  Improvement in your overall health is our goal and only wonders await when you open body, mind and spirit to new adventures.