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Affirmative Energy

★★★★★ Colleen is a miracle worker! She has literally saved my life from constant pain and suffering. I never knew how important it was to address the lymph system until she helped me. I started adding on sessions with Joe a few months ago, and that sped up my healing even more! He can release a muscle that is tight like a rock in 30 seconds! They are my A team and I’m so glad I found them! - Rachel B.

★★★★★ I am a cancer survivor and have multiple autoimmune issues and while I am not a physician, I can tell you how important massage therapy and bodywork have been in managing my health. I went looking specifically for someone who does work on the lymphatic system as Colleen does and I walked away from our first session absolutely thrilled. I have latent effects from chemotherapy and radiation exposure, one of them is lymphedema that occurs once or twice a year. When I saw Colleen, I was three weeks into the worst bout of it I ever had. Colleen was able to get my lymph system moving again and results were noticeable both immediately (the crushing pain was gone) and over the next several days as the swelling went considerably down. I am so happy to have found Colleen and am making her and her practice an integral part of my health care team. It is simply amazing the impact regular bodywork and integrated therapies have on the human body. Thank you so much Colleen! - November R.

★★★★★ Both very talented therapists. I have seen Colleen many times for craniosacral therapy and have also seen her husband Joe for myofascial release. Receiving both modalities together has been very helpful! - Missy H.